Vision & Mission


THERAVECTYS is a Paris-based, privately-owned, fully integrated discovery and clinical development biotech company. Created in 2005, as a spin-off of the Pasteur Institute, our science benefits of over 15 years of fundamental research in the field of lentiviral vectors.
We have secured worldwide exclusive rights to Pasteur’s proprietary intellectual property related to the use of lentiviral vectors for human and veterinary vaccination and immunotherapy applications.

Since 2007, we have been strongly supported by renowned investors and global biopharmaceutical executives allowing us to rapidly progress in our research & clinical development activities.
With promising safety & immunogenicity results out of our HIV vaccine candidate, we are now aiming at bringing to market further therapeutic vaccines in oncology & major infectious diseases.

Key Dates

Discovery of the DNA Flap sequence.

Company creation as a spin-off from the Pasteur Institute.

Signature of a worlwide exclusive patent licensing agreement with Pasteur.
Successful completion of our 1st round of financing: Euro 2.2 m.

Sucessful completion of our 2nd round of financing: Euro 2.5 m.

Final design of our first vaccine candidate in HIV.

Launch of the first-ever human lentiviral vector vaccination trial.
Successful completion of our 3rd round of financing: Euro 7.5 m.
Opening of our R&D center within the Villejuif BioPark in the South of Paris.

Completion of the patients recruitment of our phase I/II HIV clinical trial.
Sucessful completion of our 4th financing round: Euro 15 m.

Launch of our GMP lentiviral vector bioproduction facility.
Preliminary Phase I/II HIV safety & immunogenicity results.

Successful completion of our 5th fincancing round: Euro 15m.
Phase I/II HIV safety & immunogenicity results.


Vision & Mission

Based on our lentiviral vector technology platform, and with the development of other complementary innovative immunotherapies.

We aim at becoming a top-tier vaccine company by 2025, fighting cancer & major infectious diseases.