Lentiviral Vectors


As a spin-off of Pasteur,
THERAVECTYS benefits from more than 15 years
of fundamental research in HIV and lentiviral vectors.

Over the last ten years, we have developed & optimized a cutting-edge therapeutic vaccines technology platform,
positioning us as the first ever company to have performed a lentiviral vector-based vaccination trial in humans.

integrated discovery & development organizational model
from vector design to the clinics:



Antigen &
lentiviral vector design



Production &
Quality Control



In vitro & in vivo
immunological evaluation

Within our state-of-the-art research center and manufacturing site, both located in the South of Paris, our team is working to develop and bring to market a new generation of therapeutic vaccines in oncology and infectious diseases.

Due to our talents & the flexibility of our proprietary & patent-protected technology platform, our vaccine candidates are designed, produced & injected for in-vivo pre-clinical evaluation within only 3 months and are ready to enter the clinics within the following 12 months.

Mode of action

Our lentiviral vectors are designed & optimized to achieve a highly-efficient gene transfer. Our vectors incorporate single or multi-antigenic cassettes and can be used in primeboost regimens.
Our vectors allow a performent transduction and a stable stimulation of dendritic cells, leading to MHC-class I & II mediated antigen presentation and inducing an intense, a broad and a durable CD4+ / CD8+ immune response.

Lentiviral vector and Flap sequence integration

Unique ability to deliver antigen to dendritic cells: key to cellular immune response

validation of the platform

The preliminary results obtained in our HIV trial validate the safety and immunogenicity in humans and confirm the proof-of-concept of the technology platform.

An intense broad & long-lasting cellular immune response against complex antigens is observed in our pre-clinical models. A remarkable safety profile demonstrated in regulatory toxicity and biodistribution studies (further confirmed in our first Phase I/II clinical trial).
Production in batches compatible with direct injection into humans: up-scalable & industrialization-compatible process.
Positive scientific advice obtained from EMA as well as a pre-IND from the FDA approval following the presentation of our preliminary & safety data.
Building on the success of our first program, we aim at paving the way to a new generation of
therapeutic vaccines & immunotherapies to prevent and treat viral, bacterial & parasitic infections and cancers.