Theravectys’ Proprietary Platform

Fully-Optimized Lentiviral Vector Vaccine Platform

20+ years of research and development on lentivirus converge in our vaccine platform, thoroughly optimized to deliver the safest and most efficient lentiviral vector vaccines.

  • Non Replicative
  • Non Pathogenic
  • Optimized Internal Promoter
  • Wide Expression Cassette enabling complex, multi-epitopic immunogen design
  • Enhanced Tropism for Dendritic Cells through VSV pseudotype envelopes
  • No Pre-existing Immunity against vector VSV pseudotypes
  • Sustained endogenous presentation of antigens
  • Prime/Boost and Single Injection Regimen
  • No Adjuvant
  • Low Production Costs due to low active dose
  • Easy Distribution through dry freezing process

Including a first-in-human trial

Extensive R&D studies have demonstrated our vectors ability to induce long-lasting, intense and broad cellular immune responses against differents pathogens.

Numerous protective animal studies with back-to-back comparison with other vaccines/vaccine-candidates show our vaccine vectors induce protective immunity much better than plasmid or RNA-based vaccines.

Theravectys lentiviral vector platform covers a wide number of indications in infectious diseases and oncology. For more information you may see our pipeline.

Theravectys has been granted a Global Exclusive Licence on lentiviral vectors for all vaccine applications by the Pasteur Institute.