About Us

TheraVectys is a spin off from Institut Pasteur with an exclusive and worldwide global Licensing Agreement on Lentiviral Vectors for Vaccine Applications. Profoundly transforming global healthcare and the delivery of effective medicines.


At TheraVectys, we are working to cure and prevent cancers and major infectious diseases.

To fight cancer and diseases such as AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis, efficient cytotoxic T cells, which directly kill infected or tumor cells are required. However, current vaccines and vaccine-candidates fail to achieve the desired result.

Our proprietary lentiviral vector immunotherapy induces unprecedented, high-quality T cell and antibody responses, creating strong and long-term protective or therapeutic immunity.

With many applications, we have an indisputable medicinal path able to save millions of lives.


Our modified lentiviral vectors have unparalleled properties:

  • Non-integrative vectors: Viral DNA does not integrate into the host cell DNA, unlike retroviral vectors.
  • DNA flap technology: Enables the virus to cross the nucleus membrane so that genes can be transferred into non-dividing cells.
  • Dendritic cell targeting: To elicit a strong, long-standing T cell and antibody-mediated immune response.


Based in Paris and in the USA, TheraVectys is an immunotherapy company spun off from the Institut Pasteur created in 2005 by Dr. Pierre Charneau.

TheraVectys is pioneering the application of novel lentiviral vector technology to address most of unmet and critical medical needs.

By creating the only Joint-Laboratory between a private company and the Institut Pasteur in Paris, TheraVectys develops an extensive pipeline of vaccine candidates to drive the widespread treatment and prevention of cancer and infectious diseases.

Leveraging our proprietary technology platform, and the extensive virology expertise of the Institut Pasteur, TheraVectys provides a robust and highly effective transfection mechanism to elicit a potent and targeted immune response previously unseen.


Our goal is to profoundly transform global healthcare with:

More than 20 years of fundamental research.
A revolutionary vaccination platform.
An extensive IP portfolio.
Worldwide exclusive rights for lentiviral vector production using DNA flap mechanisms.
Strategic partnerships for R&D, Production, Clinical Development and commercialization.