Strengthen our collaborations and develop new partner relationships to deliver life-saving innovative vaccines and therapeutic.


In order to increase the number of proofs of concept in as many diseases as possible, we have set up a multi-purpose R&D platform for therapeutic and preventive vaccine candidates against cancers, chronic and emerging infectious diseases.

Since 2017, TheraVectys has created with the Institut Pasteur the first and unique joint Laboratory with an industrial partner in Institut Pasteur history. The “JOINT-LAB” streamlines the research effort (savings) and accelerates pre-clinical developments. Located in the Institut Pasteur campus, it guarantees optimal allocation of resources and access to world-class research facilities.

The joint laboratory capitalizes on the work of Pasteur’s Molecular Virology and Vaccinology unit, which has been carried out over the past 8 years. The team is made up of very experienced engineers, researchers and technicians to cover all stages of Research and Development.

Intellectual property rights produced by the “JOINT-LAB” will be shared under certain conditions between TheraVectys and the Institut Pasteur.

To remain at the forefront of technology and in a collaborative manner, TheraVectys has initiated various partnerships with universities and high-performance biotechs.

Beyond this unique partnership of a biotech with the Institut Pasteur, and because value creation requires technology transfer, our objective is to multiply our partnerships both in terms of lentiviral vector production and in terms of clinical trials and commercialization.


TheraVectys aims to bring together the best skills and partners to optimize its vaccine candidates and ensure that value is created at every stage of development (R&D, technology transfer, lentiviral vectors production, clinical trials).